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Beautiful Devotion

A Byakuya x Renji / Renji x Byakuya community

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A ByaRen Fan Community
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Welcome to Beautiful Devotion, a Byakuya x Renji / Renji x Byakuya LJ community. Here fans are free come and share their love for the pairing with other fans.

This community fully supports shounen-ai/yaoi. So if you don't like the idea of two men getting it on with each other, you're in the wrong place.

. Try to keep all topics Byakuya and Renji related in some way or form.
. Be considerate of others. Flames and trolls will not be tolerated.
. Please LJ cut any fanfics, spoilers, and pictures that are bigger than 100x100 or if there is more than one picture.
. Also, please label any art/fanfic submissions for ratings. G - NC-17 for fanfics and whether or not the art is worksafe or not.
. Please do not advertise for items that you are selling that are not connected to or focus on the Byakuya and Renji pairing in the community.
. Follow the rules so you can stay in the community. ^_^

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isshiken -- The Isshin/Ryuuken LJ community

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